Mature saggy, empty, floppy, droopy, hanger, drained, stretched, wrinkled tits. We love them all. Mom tits, milk jugs, baby feeders, & milk makers. Some have stretch marks, some have hair, some are tied up, grabbed, lovingly abused, and sucked dry. All titty shapes and sizes from all different shapes and sizes of women.

Celebrating all the amateurs, milfs, sluts, matures, moms, grannys, and women next door that get me off.

Please consider submitting a picture, video, or story. My plan is to only post what you submit.

Let me know if you'd like your submissions posted using your name, partial email, or anonymous.
Empty saggies.
  1. Empty saggies.

  1. 110 notesTimestamp: Saturday 2011/11/26 9:18:07emptyempty titsempty saggiesSaggysaggy titsfloppy titshangershanging titsdroopy titsskinnytinytiny titstitsareolasstretch markshard nipplesredheadthongbikini pantiespantiesblack pantiespants downpants pulled downskirt pulled downmilfmommatureyoung mombreast fed
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